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Alan Watts On How To Unburden Your Mind

Watts observes that people drown themselves in the sea of attachments and expectations, and forget that life is most precious in its present form.


There Are 4 Different Types Of Empaths, Here’s How To Tell Which You Are

Affective empathy is also known as emotional empathy. It is the capacity to respond to another person’s emotional state.


We Don’t Love Anymore

We are friend zoned. We are bro zoned. We are family zoned. We are help zoned. We’re rejected. We’re stood up. We’re ghosted. We’re used. And vice versa. We don’t love anymore.


In A World That Profits From Your Attention, Making Your Most Ambitious Goal To Be At Peace Is An Act Of Rebellion

Burn your life down to the only things that matter.


Get Out Of Your Own Light: Aldous Huxley On Why Life Isn’t About Creating Yourself, But Allowing Yourself

What we become is not the product of stress and effort, but allowing. We do not create who we are, we allow who we are.


Vata, Pitta, Kapha: The Three Dosha Body Types, And How Each Responds To An Energetic Imbalance

The doshas are biological energies that compose and govern the human body and mind. They are our individual blueprints for health, wellness and fulfillment


What It’s Like To Be An Intuitive Empath In A World That’s Still Asleep

Intuitive-empaths have a huge job right now. We are living in a world that was not made for us, and that’s because we’re here to help build a new one.


Emotional Freedom Technique: What It Is And How To Use It

It functions on the idea that energy runs through the body in meridians, and when there are blocks to those meridians, you experience patterns of physical and emotional discomfort in your life.


8 Bedtime Routines That Will Help You Turn Sleep Into A Spiritual Practice

Listen to ambient sounds with specific frequencies.

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12 Things That Happen When You’re Young In Body But Old At Heart

For as connected as you feel to yourself, you sometimes feel disconnected from the world around you.


Empathy Is The Art Of Validating Someone’s Emotions (And We Need It Now More Than Ever)

When that little boy gave me his teddy bear, I didn’t feel like he pitied me. I felt like he empathized with me, and that is what I needed. Not silver linings, not pity or consolation, but understanding and connection. That is what empathy is all about, and we need it now more than ever.

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Watch: Why You Need To Let Go Of Your Ideas About How People Should Love You

When we go into a relationship without any expectations that they’re responsible for making us feel or look or seem a certain way, we can actually experience what they bring with their presence in our lives. That’s what it means to really have love.