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By Brianna Wiest

If all the research that’s been published proving and supporting that there’s something pretty practical to the age-old practice of meditation – allow me. Meditation is more or less brain training. It teaches you how to consciously re-direct and re-focus on constructive ideas. Without this skill, your brain (and your impulses) are essentially left to run amuck.

Meditation is not a lofty practice reserved for people of a certain dogma or religion. It’s something you should try for everything from healing your most intimate relationships to performing better at work. So whether you’re a newbie or a regularly practicing yogi, here are some of the best guided meditations to refer to whenever life challenges you to think deeper and be stronger in both mind and spirit:

1. Detaching from overthinking.

2. Meeting your future self.

3. Clearing subconscious negativity.

4. Sleep hypnosis for deep confidence.

5. Awakening your mind (Alan Watts).

6. Liberating yourself from fear.

7. A 10 minute morning meditation.

8. Binaural beats to experience bliss.

9. Igniting the flow of creativity.

10. Self-soothing and finding relief from anxiety.

11. Gaining clarity, clearing “fogginess.”

12. Opening your heart to release past relationships and invite new ones in.

13. Guiding yourself to be present at all times.

14. Focusing on self-esteem to stop caring what other people think.

15. Affirmations to help you sleep.

16. Words to create deep relaxation.

17. Stopping self-sabotage before it begins.

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