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By Aleksis Melo

It is time to be brutally honest
So here I Go
The hardest part of it all
Is faking a smile
When I’m all broken inside

Some say we are made of sprinkles of multi colors
But the only ones I see are of the color grey
Filthy, filthy grey

Here I go
You tell me I’m this and that
I make you smile yet when the demons arrive
I am the one to blame

Filthy, Filthy grey
I used to be full of pinks and purples and greens
But now, all I consist of are grey doubts and blank tears
Where did it all go wrong?
That the joy automatically changed to angst

I say honesty is a fundamental part of life
But to be brutally honest,
All I really want is to be told
That all will be fine

Image: Chelsea Francis

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