By Brianna Wiest

The voice you have to listen to will rarely make sense. It won’t use words. It won’t use logic. It won’t fit within the neat trajectory of the storyline that you imagined.It will be subtle, and it will speak to you without you ever knowing that it is.

The feelings your inner voice gives you will be unjustifiable. You won’t have reasons for them. You’ll know you love someone not because they’re attractive and smart and interesting, but just because you do. You’ll want to live somewhere or do something not because it’s “cool” or everybody says you should, but just because you do. 

The unjustifiable things, the illogical things, the things that are genuinely unexplainable, that’s where the magic is. The “right” stuff always just is, it’s the illusions and fears and things we force that have to be justified and made sense of in our minds.

If you are making a choice that you can only feel good about when you back up with a list of “because,” you’re not really listening to what you want.

This is probably the biggest secret (and most important fact) of all: if your little, inner voice were telling you that you weren’t interested, or you were on the “wrong path,” it wouldn’t say anything at all… you’d just let it go.

Consider the people you aren’t romantically interested in. The career paths you know don’t call you. Do you sit around and belabor whether or not they’re right? Nope, you don’t. You just don’t acknowledge them at all. (The opposite of love is indifference, eh?)

There’s no difference between the things that pain you and the things that please you  – they are both intended to teach you something. You have brought them into your experience because you want to learn from them.

Illusions have to be justified. Half-truths have to be made sense of. The genuine things, the best things, the “most right” things, truly just are. If it’s in your life, there’s something to be learned from it. The process of unlearning the reasons to justify the illusions is how you reacquaint yourself with the voice that doesn’t use words.

It’s ultimately why you choose to get lost in the first place.

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