By Avery Gaines

Humans are fragile creatures, some have a tough exterior and some have paper thin molds, but on the inside we are all glass.  We are all glass houses afraid of the kid outside holding the rock waiting to throw it and shatter our walls that keep us safe.  The sad scenario about this is that a majority of the time there are more kids with the rock than beautiful glass houses.

We choose how many trees we let grow around the yard. These trees are the walls we build for our emotions, some have yards so dense they do not even know what their house looks like, and some are wide open, unthreatened, letting others in and out, freely.

Now most of the time we do not judge the house because it is highly wooded or filled with people enjoying the yard, most of the time we just pass by and enjoy the sight either way. Yet when we start to talk about people, we can’t allow them their closedness, not when we really think about it. We judge people for being guarded, or because they let others enjoy their presence. We call it being walked on.

But who are we to make such assertions? Who are we to say anything about anything other than our own state of being? We know we cannot possibly know the truth about others, but maybe, just maybe, thinking we have it all figured out makes us believe we have ourselves figured out, too.

In life we get a choice, to be good and to do well to others. We are given the freedom to treat others however we want to, we can destroy and leave  crumbs of our messes where we go, or we can be the ones who enjoy the beauty in this world as it is, occasionally the ones the clean up the debris of those destroyers.  At the end of the day there is one simple question you should ask yourself: are you the lover of the glass houses, or the child with the rock?

Image: Franca Giminez

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