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By Brianna Wiest

You can love your life right now – today.
Be obsessed with what you get to do now.
Not loving it will not help you secure it.
Not loving something is not how you keep it alive.
If it is going to go, it is going to go.
And if it goes – which it will, someday
Know that the things you lose are not losses
They are entryways
They are signs from the Universe
Telling you: there is something better out there

If you lose a job, there’s a higher calling for you.
One that you do not know yet.
If you lose a person, there’s someone else loving you already.
One that you have not met yet.
Even at the very end of your days,
You will lose your whole life, and return to unity and source.
Don’t be afraid to love what you have
So it won’t hurt if you lose it –
Loss does not end your life.
Loss transforms it.


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