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By Brianna Wiest

Traditional scientific understanding is that we do not actually experience the multitude of emotions we think we do. In fact, we only have 6 – fear, anger, disgust, surprise, sadness, happiness – and everything else is a “version” of one of those. Newer research argues that number is likely 4. For today, we’re going to go with the former.

It can be hard to listen to our emotions when we don’t know what they are trying to tell us. It is made easier, however, when we fully understand their root. Here, a really handy chart for you to be able to trace almost anything you could be feeling – from provoked to hesitant to isolated to overwhelmed – right back to its source.

Somehow the farther we get from the core emotions, the more alone we tend to feel in experiencing them… here’s to remembering we’re not so different after all:


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