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This is the hard part.

This is the part before you see the beginning that follows the ending. This is the part where you spend days alone and feel overrun with frustration and doubt and ultimately have no choice but to persevere. This is the part where you grow and learn the ins and outs and ideas and tricks that make your “someday” possible.

This is the part where you learn what it is to be humble. Where your fears are right on the ground with you, and you have to grow to be larger than them.

This is the part where you learn to flow with the greater plan because you have no other choice. This is where you learn faith. This is where you plant peace. This is where you understand hope. These things are not born of an easy, perfect life.

This is the part where you become who you were always meant to be. Somebody who is fearless in the face of uncertainty, knowing in the face of the unknown, peaceful in the face of chaos.

And this part will not last forever.

You won’t remember most of this struggle, not the moment-to-moment experience of it.

This day will bleed into all the others, and the problem that you have right now? It will be gone next week, or month, or year, and a new problem will have taken its place.

You’ll remember the gist of what you experienced today, but not the details. You forget most details of most days, but what you will carry with you, the wisdom and love and hope and fortitude that you needed to survive this day, that will live on always.

You’ll give it to others. You’ll let it circumvent the little problems that arise. It will give you perspective. It will grow your heart so big that something just as great can fit inside, or can be given away to someone who needs it more.

This is the hard part because these are the days that you must sacrifice for a happier, easier, lighter tomorrow.

The hard part is not your life. It is only a moment in your life, and it is a defining moment in your life. Not by what outside circumstances play out, but by how you respond, and what you learn, and how you grow.

This is the part where you lose what you thought was right in place of something better, even though for a moment in time, all you can see is loss. This is that moment. This is the hard part, before you learn that the more unexpected and confusing the loss, the more unimaginably perfect what it is leading you toward.

This is the part where you learn that only hard hearts are capable of breaking. This is the part where you unlearn how to be closed in the first place. This is the hard part. And it’s already worth it.

Photography: 42andpointless

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