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By Brianna Wiest

Intuitiveness is not always an inherent personality trait, something you have or you don’t. It is also what happens when you start listening to yourself, becoming aware of your body’s subtle cues and tremendous, subconscious intelligence. Everyone is capable of it, and everyone needs to try. Because intuitiveness creates empathy. Being connected to ourselves reminds us that we’re also connected to everyone, and everything, else.

For those of us who have begun to shake the brainwashing, looking around at the injustices and inequalities and structures that benefit a select few is sobering. Even the most basic of daily activities serves the powers-that-be: body hatred and insecurity and anxiety and depression are all largely products of living in a world that thrives on you responding to them.

Waking up to these realities is almost always the product of being more sensitive than other people. Being able to perceive more leads you to understand more. It makes you more empathetic, which is what makes you realize that much of our world is not designed around real human wellness, community, and joy. It’s designed around greed, and survival.

This year especially, we have learned one thing: we are not immune to repeating the horrors of history. We are not collectively awake enough yet. Though the intuitive empaths are the people who are most often called crazy, dismissed as too sensitive, and usually labelled as outcasts, they are the very people we need now more than ever. 

It is only the people who can see a different world that can help create a different world. Unfortunately, that ultra-sensitivity works against them in this way: intuitive empaths are not fighters, and yet they must now become fearless in the face of speaking out for what’s right.

It is difficult for people who are hyper-aware of what’s going on to rail up against the people who are so afraid of their own emotions that they put up a façade of toughness. It is the people who laugh at sensitivity the most who feel is the deepest, and are the most afraid. It is the people who are most self-interested that have felt completely disowned by the world. They are the people who are most infuriating, but who need more help than anyone.

We’re often taught that we should disengage from these unhealthy forces in our lives – and that’s true to a degree, boundaries are important. However, isolating ourselves into echo chambers doesn’t help either. The people who seem least deserving of love need it the most. The people who seem the most asleep are the ones who need to be around those who are waking up. These people do not need to be outcasted any more than they have been. This is what caused these problems in the first place.

Intuitive-empaths have a huge job right now. We are living in a world that was not made for us, and that’s because we’re here to help build a new one.

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